Tuesday, 10 July 2012

End of 2nd Week in Playgroup - 6th Jul'12

Edited on 12th Jul'12: Mid of second week, as his dad was away for business trip, we chatted with him over Skype. When asked if he likes going to school, he shook his head and nodded almost immediately, shook and nodded, couldn't decide if he likes or not. To us, it was a good sign, there IS SOMETHING in school that he likes in school afterall. :-)

He finally didn't cry when Selina dropped him to school in the morning, on the last day of second week, on his 9th day of school. And he kissed and hugged every teacher before leaving the school.

Below his progress for the week, I would say, "welll done son!"

Teacher's comment on his comm book
His artwork - weather clock
Theme for this term is Weather and Fabric. It didn't take him long before he knows what's sunny and rainy. He will gesture with his hands, how rain drops. As shared by teacher, they were showed video on how rain is formed, I did the same at home.

I managed to search Mister Sun Sun on youtube and watched together with him.

Additional words he could say at 19 months: heart, frog, crab


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