Tuesday, 31 July 2012

End of 4th Week in Playgroup – 20th Jul’12

Note from his teacher in the communication book made my day. I am always looking forward to Friday for all the different reason now.
Good progress :-)
We sang a lot of Rain Rain Go Away in both the known versions throughout the weekend.
As we know they just had the Racial Harmony Day in school, where they learned about other races and learned about food that are related, such as roti prata, nasi lemak and all, we bought them for breakfast on Sat to show and let him taste them.

He fell sick when he woke up on Sat. We thought it was mild flu which he caught the 2nd week in school. We were prepared that kids will fall sick when they go to school. He was down with fever, flu and phlegmy cough. I gave him medicine left from the last round he fell sick, but the fever spiked everyday it not every other day.
Poor boy

We brought him to take a breather in PUnggol Park, thinking it would help in recovery.
Taking a breather
I finally gave in on the 5th day and brought him to Dr. Anthony. The queue was horrible as usual although we arrived just when the clinic was opened, our number was 15, and we waited till 12pm before we got to see him. He said IZ was down with bronchitis, inflammation and influenza. For a moment, he made me felt bad for not bringing IZ to see him earlier, but then I really do not want IZ to be fed with chemicals whenever he fall sick.  



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