Tuesday, 31 July 2012

End of 3rd Week in Playgroup – 13th Jul’12

I was away the whole week for business trip, thus I had no chance to check on his progress personally except via phone calls to Selina. I was glad to know he was doing better.
Wuxi is well known for their peaches, available only during summer. I brought 2 cartons back and was very happy Issac got to see and touch firsthand experience how peaches look and taste like. They are juicy and sweet!
Note from his teacher end of the week, made my day when I reached home from a tiring and sickly trip:
So proud of him :-)
I tested him to sit cross-legged, and he really understands. As he was making conscious effort to cross his legs, he was hesitant on which leg should cross which one. Nevertheless, I was so proud of him. Another new thing he learnt.
We really appreciate the communication book as it shares with us what was taught during the week, so we can re-cap during the weekend. We brought him to Seletar Reservoir for a stroll, coincidentally the weather so perfect to teach him on sunny, partly cloudy and cloudy. We had fun running about.

Perfect Imperfect Weather

At night when I put him to bed, I tried to ask him to repeat a, b and c after me. He couldn’t follow the letter sound, but when I made phonics sounds, he could repeat, just like what his teacher wrote on the communication book. I was impressed he could follow all the way till f. However, deep down, I’m worried he knows phonics first but not letters.
I also tried to make tornado using a water bottle filled with water. He knows the term tornado but he didn’t find fun in the water bottle, instead he was more interested in the cap. So, maybe my way was not interesting enough.
I felt like wanting to eat crab one of the nights, hubby bought home a very big salted egg butter crab. That was IZ’s first sight of a live (oh well, cooked) crab. I asked him to wake his grandma who already turned in, to eat crab. He went in and gestured the clamping using both his hands and said “kiap kiap” “kiap kiap”. Grandma was very happy and impressed. He loves the crab meat!


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