Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Random Lernen-Reise in Jul'12 - Part 2

To my surprise, one evening, he took this book and asked me to read to him. Some of the illustration in the book are embossed, looks like 3D. There is the main character, caterpillar in every page, as well as an ant. Ant, being his favorite right now, he was so engrossed in finding them in every page that he actually sat on my lap throughout the book. We did it twice the week. Generally, it’s a good book! :-D
Good book!
I make it a point to bring him earlier to music class every Sat so we can slowly walk from the car park to Hougang Mall and make our way up the escalators one by one all the way till 5th floor. IZ could step onto the escalator with ease and he knows to lift his feet up when I say walk at the end of it. Weekly practice makes perfect.
Another reason why I bring him early to class is so we have about 10-15mins to roam in the library. Hougang Mall has this very nice children’s corner. IZ especially likes the activity room, as there are many colourful balls in the acrylic box display.
Happy in Children's Section
Activity Room
I try to make it a point to borrow books so to cultivate reading habits in him from young (or so I hope). Hahaha..
The last trip I went, we borrowed these, in conjunction with weather theme he is learning in CS.
All his favorite
I went to Jann’s to continue my missed phonics lesson g-k. I was suddenly inspired by her sharing on country flags and erasers. So this was what I did.
I put the flashcards on the floor and fruit toys mixed. I asked IZ to put the fruit toys to the corresponding flashcards. He could do it well until he reached apple. The toy was a green apple while the apple on the card was red. Then I changed the apple to red apple, and he could place it easily.
The other one IZ couldn’t put together was the pineapple. The toy came without the green head, but the card’s did. Although he knows both are pineapples (or APPLE as he could only say APPLE), he didn’t want to put them together. So we had to chip in to help him.
It’s little wonder IZ knows all the fruits and the cards. We have been flashing the cards since he was 8 months old. Hahaha.. I just wish he could speak a little more…
Matching 101
Additional words he could say at 19 months: yi, er, ba, mei you (in Chinese) and ah, ber, ker sound of a, b and c.


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