Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Obsessed with ANT

Since the lesson A for ANT on 18th Jun’12, IZ has been able to say “eh” for ant. He would say “eh” for ants he saw crawling on the ground and “eh” when he saw pictures of ants.
And then he got obsessed with ants, so much that he would gesture with his hand and say “hurrah hurrah” and “eh”. He will not miss any opportunity to say “eh, hurrah hurrah” when he sees iPad or iPhone lying around to watch the video I shared in the lesson A for Apple on 14th Jun’12.

The obsession got worse when he asked his uncle (my brother) for “eh”, even some strangers he met in Dr. Anthony’s clinic, as long as that person holds an iPhone. Duhz..
Oh well, now the iPad is kept hidden from his sight on most days. Occasionally when I feel we have had a constructive day, I would let him play with the apps in it.


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