Wednesday, 8 August 2012

End of 6th Week in Playgroup - 3rd Aug'12

It is always encouraging to read the communication book on every Friday. IZ’s teacher sure has something nice to say (except the part about IZ needs to learn to keep one toy before bringing out another).
This was what his teacher had to say this week. I am glad he is friendly to his friends, but I hope he is not overdoing it to the extent he makes other people not comfortable.
Very comforting to know he is doing well, socially
I stumbled upon this Baby’s Day Out 2012 organised by NTUC online and decided to bring IZ for early exposure to National Day celebration. I am not interested in the goodies or the perks, but the idea of picnic in the open space, with Chinese Orchestra and also fireworks sounded like a wonderful idea. Oh, to top it off, we also made it in Singapore Book of Record, in realizing the biggest national flag with milk bottle. Below are some snapshots we took of the event.
Making a record
His 1st National Anthem
His first pledge
His 1st fireworks!


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