Monday, 27 August 2012

Random Lernen-Reise in Aug’12

On a separate note, I have completed phonics class with Jann on 14th Aug. Thankful she shared so much and now I know what’s all PHONICS is all about.
As IZ is too young to take on the lesson plan fully, Jann suggested that I do something else with him for the sake of exposure and keep the materials for when he is able to grasp more.
Below are some random things we've done this month:
11th Aug'12:

Playing bubbles in a bubble bath
Little Zoo Adventure

18th Aug'12
In Da Jiu's Art Class

25th Aug'12:

His favorite past time - scribbling!

Edited On 7th Sep'12:
16th Aug'12: His fave clocks
26th Aug'12: Art&Craft @ his playdate for Teachers' Day
The inside - his teachers were very happy
30th Aug'12: Art & Craft Night - Msia Flag as next day was Msia Independence Day


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