Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lesson A for Apple - 14th Jun'12

I was a little anxious to start our lesson, thinking if he is to learn an alphabet every 2 weeks; it would take him a year to learn A to Z!
So I started the lesson, half expecting him to run away the moment I ask him to sit down.
Surprisingly, when I started to sing our greeting song, he was mesmerized, especially by the actions I did! Jann’s right! He watched me till finished, and gave me a round of applause. **beaming**
Then I guided his hand to trace the upper case A and lower case a just like in My Little Genius’ class. I have not prepared any feely card to be honest. I hope this could be covered in CS Mont when he starts there end of the month. **wink wink** 
Tracing the letter
Then I asked him to take out items from the reusable bag. A little unfortunate the bag is a little too deep for his little hands to reach (I made a mental note to change the bag for next lesson), he took out items I placed inside and was all excited! And he had no problem when I asked him to put the items back into the bag. He was playing along with the lesson! **happy** Happier as he could say APPLE.
A for apple (green & red), asparagus & aeroplane
As he got a little tired (woke up from nap since 2.30pm), I had to quickly end the lesson.
I introduced the apple craft Jann prepared for us. He liked the craft, but insisted on using the glue stick himself. He had difficulty pasting the red on the apple initially as the reds sticked on his little fingers, but he got the hang of it in the end. I finished up pasting for him, coloured the stem and leaf, taught him how to spell APPLE while I wrote it at the back. I gave him a STAR stamp on his work as compliment and asked him to paste on the wall together with me, reciting APPLE. **beaming again**
His APPLE craft

STAR reward and APPLE on the back

APPLE craft pasted on the wall with his past MLG work

Then, to end today’s lesson, I showed him The Ants Go Marching video and did the actions (without the ants) but he was only interested in the ants on the screen. **sulking**

I reckoned today’s lesson as merely passed, but hey, that was a brand new lernen-reise for both of us!


Winny said...

Well done mummy!
Are you the one sending me a message thru FB that I told you I have an 18mth boy too? Ha I wanted to start the lesson for my boy too but still bz with my no. 1. It takes really a long time to finish A-Z, my girl still on letter S although she knows alphabets long time ago, I just take it as an arts class for her :)

IZ Mum said...

Hi Winny, thank you for dropping by. yes I was the one dropped you message on your blog and FB to ask for pointers on fun classes. Can understand it's difficult to start with #2 when you are busy with #1. :-) they love crafts don't they? :-D we jiayou together!

Winny said...

Hey, received your message on the FB page, but don't know why can't reply you there. You can check your comment setting, take away the verification code, i also find it annoying :)

IZ Mum said...

Thansk Winny, I am not able to take away the verification code.. :-(

jacky said...

great lesson with concrete materials and hands-on activity..... beside alphabet a, he also learnt shape and colours. keep on more activities like this and always have different types of hands-on activities with him will make him interested in learning. always remember, learn through play is the best learning process for kids. ,-)

Mummy Cher said...

This is a really interesting fun way to learn the alphabets. I can't wait to try this with my 24 month old. Thanks for sharing this.

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