Thursday, 14 June 2012

The start of his lernen-reise..

In case you are wondering, "lernen-reise" is "learning journey" in German. This blog is specially created to pen down his learning journey.

I’ve always remember the saying about newborns are like a piece of white cloth, and it’s really important the parents to take on the role to paint on them, as colourful, as beautiful, as meaningful it could be. Such heavy responsibility falls on us.

Being brought up in a conservative family, my mother has always taught us that education is important, and that we should go to university to secure good jobs etc. She is not wrong, but perhaps this mentality doesn’t work well nowadays.

The first word he uttered when he was 7 months old, was “bear”. We thought he has the ability to speak early.

Second word was “ma” when he was 8 months old, his grandmother was very happy.

Third word was “pa” when he was 9 months old, his father was very happy.

He finally meant calling me “mama” when he was 13 months old, I was very happy.

And then he stopped saying anything new. Everything else was “pa pa pa pa” or “ma ma ma ma”. His father got worried. While some of the kids his age could already recite ABC, he was still limited to the few words.

He has just turned 18 months barely 2 weeks ago. Turning 18 months marks a remarkable milestone in his life; he’ll be going to a playgroup soon.

Just a month ago, after his father’s numerous rounds of worried remarks, suddenly he was on what my friend joked “words spurt”.

He could say bird, dog, cat, and even more than one syllable word like circle, butterfly, rabbit, nana (for banana). His father is now beaming; at last, our dear son has did it.

Yesterday evening, I brought him down for a stroll in his tricycle. On the way back, we saw a dead snail. I took the opportunity to show him how a real snail looks like. He was very excited, almost got out of the tricycle himself. He touched the snail and uttered snail, repeating after me. I am thankful of this opportunity.


Back home, we had durian, and he had fun playing with the thorns on the shell and learned the word “durian” again.

Ouch! But it's fun!

I am thankful for being given a chance to paint this piece of little white cloth, hopefully his learning journey will be filled with wonderful, beautiful and meaningful experience.

Let’s walk with me, in this beautiful learning journey.


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