Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mommy's Lernen-Reise

I came across a BP thread in Motherhood forum, on phonics class conducted by a SAHM (stay at home mom) some time end of last year when he just turned one year old. Jann told me the class she conducted is more appropriate for 2+ and above, but some portion of the teaching can still be learnt by younger ones.
I was not exactly sure when I developed this eager-to-home-teach feeling, but the desire got stronger and stronger that I finally enquired on slot availability somewhere March this year. The earliest Jann was available was in Jun.
For the past 2 Saturdays, I have been a very hardworking student. I came home with saturated brain, full of inspirations and ideas on how to guide him better in learning. I can’t wait to complete all the 6 classes.
The lesson plan in Jann shares is basically pretty standard, for all the lessons from A to Z:
Greeting Song
Introduce Letter (show feely card, trace and say)
Introduce Phonics (listen and do action)
Introduce Letter items (pull out from a bag)
Show words that start with the letter
Prompt and spell the word
Song & Movement
Craft 1
Craft 2
Closing Song
It was shared that different kids have different concentration span, and I honestly do not expect him to be able to sit throughout all the activities.
He could learn phonics only after he learnt all his ABCs anyway, thus I decided to change Jann’s lesson plan a little to cater to this 18 months old.
Secret: I was assured that Jann has got recognition from a blog Learn the Fun Way. The mother shared how she conducted her classes, and I was more inspired!


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