Monday, 18 June 2012

Last English Class in MLG - 16th Jun'12

We have decided to call in a quit in My Little Genius (MLG) since IZ is going to start Playgroup on 25th Jun. As the classes conducted are alternate English and Chinese, we had the last English class on Sat.
Both his father and I admit MLG did teach him a lot, although can’t say the same about Chinese class. That, I’ll touch in my future post, about IZ and Chinese.
IZ could follow through instructions in MLG class now; he doesn’t need assistance or guidance from me. He would return materials to teacher and clap his hands. Occasionally he would follow teacher’s actions in song & movement.  Bear in mind, all these are done seated on a chair, doing work on a table, with a parent companying behind them.
The one thing he couldn’t sit still was the flashcards section. The most he could concentrate was 2-3 topics and he would start to wander around the class.
The skeptical feeling on how he could sit still entire class diminished. He has been able to sit on some days and not on some. Well, he is only 18 months old afterall, I do not expect him to be seated there like a piece of stone. Then, he would really be missing his childhood.
PS: Do you realize I do not have any pictures of MLG classes since we registered? I was told no photography is allowed. Haha.. I was lucky to be able to snap some when we went for trial earlier on.


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