Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lesson A for Ant - 18th Jun'12

As I will be on business trip for 3 days, I decided to do this lesson with IZ before I left.
He was still pretty interested in the greeting song, especially the part I pointed to him and when I sang his name.
I made a pair of feely letters A and a and guided him to trace along. He somehow uttered “a”, I wonder if it’s the letter or his “eh”. Hahaha.. anyway, it was good beginning.
Then I made him pull A items from the “improvised” bag, but the bag appeared to be too shallow that he wanted to peep into it while he pull them out. Hahaha.. Cheeky boy I have. I asked him not to peep, he could understand, he straightened his head and just reached out his hand and pulled, but not for long before he was tempted to peep again.
Added "Angry Bird"
I tried to teach him to spell ant on the white board but he was not interested, so I had to move on quickly to art & craft, his favorite.
I tried letting him colouring the smaller ants but he merely scribbled some. So I changed my strategy, I gave him the bigger ant to colour. Asked him to choose a colour, he chose dark blue and he started colouring. I was very impressed, as he managed to colour mostly on the ant instead of anywhere else!
But his concentration didn’t last long as expected, he wanted to change colour pretty often, and here’s the end result! Hahaha.. not bad for a 18 months old, I am very proud of him!

Very proud of this work of his
And I continued to colour the 3 smaller ants and put on the sticks Jann provided. IZ liked the ants on the sticks so much he didn’t want to put all of them on the wall, he held onto one and ran here and there.
Do you see his scribbling?
Obssessed with ant on the stick
I guess I’ll have to continue with this impromptu way of teaching him, and keep re-strategise during lesson to accommodate his age right now.
Putting up work for display
Additions to IZ's Corner!
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pc said...

Looks like a good start!

Thanks for dropping my site, love to see how other mum is doing with the lesson. My younger girl is 2+ but I'm too lazy to kick start the program;-/.

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