Monday, 18 June 2012

3rd Phonics Class - Rescheduled

It was supposed to be my 3rd class with Jann on Sat but I was totally exhausted after MLG’s last English class. Didn’t sleep well the night before as IZ once again woke up at about 2am, couldn’t sleep again coz it was too hot, and how he refused to wake up to MLG, rushed through my breakfast, late for class and then we were on the way to Kwan Yin temple. I planned to pray, eat lunch and rush to Jann’s place, then rush to Tan Tock Seng Hospital to visit my senior who has just got his brain tumour removed. Thinking about all the plans already exhausts me.
It felt like godsend when I received a text from Jann asking if we are NOT attending class. I quickly arranged for a replacement, thank goodness I opted to pay in full when I started class, then I have the privilege for replacement. So, mummies who are interested to join can bear this in mind.

I am looking forward to Jann's class this week.


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