Monday, 18 June 2012

My Little Genius @ Upp Serangoon Road

I first brought IZ to MLG for trial classes when he was about 8 months old. Back then, he was learning how to crawl. The activities, at that point of time, were pretty exhausting (for me), as he was not capable of doing anything, except placing everything and anything into his mouth and there were only 2 students in a class, kind of defeated the purpose of sending him to classes for social skills. Although I should have been more appreciative coz he was not as mobile as he is now! 
MLG's 1st Trial
I liked MLG’s materials, a lot and they are all amazing. I have never seen the same materials twice.
I didn’t sign us into the program then, coz I thought he would not be able to benefit from it.
It wasn’t until almost 11 months old that I finally wanted to get him into some class, to mix with other kids to minimize “one child syndrome” again. This syndrome is always at the back of my head.
We registered with Baby Jumper Gym (BJG) in Kembangan. If you Google about it, you’ll notice they are no longer there. Anyway, experience in BJG will be something I shall share next time, this post is about MLG.
To cut story short, I finally convinced hubby to register with MLG January this year. We signed for one term, and then continued for another term as we saw positive result.
Putting everything into his mouth phase

Chinese lesson - dragon boat

Learning to crawl


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