Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bento Making Reise On-Hold

I was so obsessed with bento art after I’ve got my bento making tools.

I can definitely improve my decorative skills, but only if IZ starts eating them! He was so fascinated by the shapes and patterns I made that he didn’t want to eat much, sad!

7th Sep'12: First trial for dinner - really difficult to get these smiley faces! I wish I had a pincer..
7th Sep'12 Fruits for desserts - IZ was reluctant to eat the butterfly strawberry
8th Sep'12: Tried to shape a hard-boiled egg, apparently the egg was not big enough to fill the mould
8th Sep'12: Breakfast without egg then, but IZ didn't want to eat the whole plate, just wanted to admire them, duhz!

8th Sep'12: 11 fine multi grain cooked with pumpkin served on smiling star!

9th Sep'12: Brown mixed plain rice with cod fish & ngoh hiang - unfortunately he didn't want to destroy the bunny
Until IZ is slightly bigger, eats while appreciating the efforts I put in to be artistic, I guess I have to put this project on-hold for the time being.


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