Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Baked Potato with Cheese & Ham! 16th Sep'12

I was inspired by the potato skin I had with friends on Friday evening at Tony Roma's that I wanted to do the same at home.

Tony Roma's Infamous Potato Skin!
The first trial, I tried to simulate the same, but the end product didn’t look nor taste anywhere near.
1st Trial
On Sunday, I wanted to try again, as we have Pamesan and Cheddar cheese, I thought I do not want them to turn mouldy without using again. I altered a little, but cutting the potato skinny instead.
 I tried to loop IZ in to help out. He enjoyed playing in the kitchen, I asked him to scoop the cheese onto the potato, he did very well for the first few pieces and gone crazy after.
IZ hard at work
Then I asked him to put chopped frozen ham onto them, he couldn’t help trying some of the ham. Hahahaha! Curious toddler!
The end result was much better, and yums!!
End product
PS: IZ likes raw cheese and ham, but not baked ones though!


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