Friday, 7 September 2012

Kitchen Lernen-Reise

Inspired by how IZ was fascinated by kitchen set at his playdate’s, I have been contemplating to get him a kitchen set. But most of the kitchen sets available in the market are in pink. In addition, they look pretty fake to me.
Playing with Keira's kitchen set
IZ was also fascinated by the kitchen set at Ikea, but no way would I buy such expensive toy, girly toy at that. I wouldn’t dream of IZ becoming a chef, but oh well, if he decided cooking is his passion, then so be it.
I also looked for pots and pans in Ikea, but find them too big and doesn’t make economical sense.
In the end, I’ve got a better idea. Why not try Daiso? Everything’s S$2 there!
Alas. I bought these for his kitchen set!
Lovely kitchen set I chose for IZ :-D
And I bought these to kick myself making some nice bentos for him. Hahaha.. at the back of my mind, I am so ambitious, imagining all kind of cute bento for him so he would enjoy meal time more. But thinking is easier than done. I’m horrified to think I have to wake up half hour earlier to make bento breakfast for him, and more so as I do not have creativity whatsoever running in my blood!
My bento tools!
Thus, I contemplated to start over the weekend. Hahaha! Ya, tons of excuses, isn’t it? Stay tuned for mum’s bento lernen-reise!


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