Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lesson F for Frog: 17th Feb'13

We have not had lesson for over a week now, due to Chinese New Year. I promised him this morning before I left home, that we would do Letter F tonight. He waited impatiently while I bathed and got ready.

Letter F items
Putting a driver to the fire engine

I asked if he could write F
I didn't expect him to be able to write the letter when I asked if he knows how to write the letter F. He said "yes" and took the board to the table and started writing. He cited "letter factory" when he left traces on the board.
Was not able to get a better angle, but I know he got the letter F concept correctly, thank you Letter Factory!

Putting glue on the frog

And pat the green paper on

Our frog!
Playing with the frog

Sticking out frog's tongue!

We all found it so funny when he tried to figure
As he couldn't grasp the idea of holding the frog, we had to do away the frog for now, he could blow wonderfully well

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