Monday, 4 February 2013

Lesson D for Duck: 31st Jan'13

As usual we started with greeting song, and I had 101% from him for the minute.

Then we traced the feely for D and listened to the rhyme of D. He still not able to sit through the rhyme.

Tracing feely
But he was once again excited to take the D items out the treasure bag. It was disappointing though, as I couldn't get actual things to represent D except for the piece of diaper. Haha, brilliant right? He was really happy when he pulled out the diaper, and said "diaper" but subsequent items, in flashcards.. he showed no expression.. :-( I was disappointed in myself too, but I really couldn't produce any better than this! D sucks..

My miserable D items

He had fun playing with the drum sticks

I have to admit this art & craft is not the best I've done. I didn't explain.. ya, again! I should have explained and told him what to do. Instead, I say, let's glue and pat and gave him the glue stick. And so he attacked the beak first. Mental note for n-th time, REMEMBER TO EXPLAIN TO HIM WHAT IS EXPECTED!

He went first, for the beak.. I told him there's no feather on the beak..

Putting feather on the head

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