Monday, 4 February 2013

Lesson D for Dog: 3rd Feb'13

He was happy when I said we'll do ABC lesson. And he sat on his chair waited for me.

After we sang the greeting song, I took out the D feely, and he said "Issac trace". Wow! He did it without me prompting.

D feely
Then we listened to the rhyme, and again, he couldn't wait for the song to finish. I have to surrender that listening (without pictures) is not his "thing".

And we proceeded with the miserable D items I've prepared. He get the hang of it, when I said "you can only take out one, no seeing, no peeping!"

Playing drum sticks happily

No peeping and that's what he did.. haha!
Then we did the colouring of the dog, he said "doggie".


Concentrating.. for a minute..

End result as he refused to colour anymore
 Somehow I knew he could colour well if he wants to. He has been shading on his magnetic draw board and says "colour colour colour", and he shaded them WITHIN lines.

I tried to find some video on YouTube on children colouring to motivate him further, but to no avail.

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