Friday, 1 February 2013

Random Talk

At 25 month, going 26 months in few days:

Play Doctor
I was lying on the floor claiming backache. He touched his lower back for a while, and came running to me with his magnetic board pen, climbed onto me, and tried to force my mouth open “open the mouth” and “shine” the pen into my mouth as if he was holding a torchlight.
Brilliant moment!
Woke up in the morning, while preparing to go to school:
IZ: I want go market
Mommy: go market to buy what?
IZ: I want go market buy banana
Reflection: I have mixed feeling for this one. Well, I’m glad to certain extent that he doesn’t mind going to the market. Wet markets in SG are decently clean and not exactly WET. For someone who hated “wet-marketing”, I could say I really did well in this department that is raising him not fearing wet markets. I’ve successfully bringing up a “kampong boy” in the city.
The mixed feeling came when he repeated that he wants to go to market this morning, and Ah Nah (our helper) told him: why market, something is wrong, you should say I want go shopping, not market. Everyone else go shopping, you go market.
Night routine via Candy Saga:
I would be playing Candy Saga on the iPad and he would climb onto me, blocking my view.
Mommy: go away IZ
IZ: I want iPad
Mommy: no, go away IZ
IZ: I want watch Humpty Dumpty
Mommy: no (brushing and pulling him off the device so I could continue playing)
IZ: play together mommy
And he would try to help me with Candy Saga, calling out “mommy blue one” “mommy orange one”.
Reflection: I was really impressed the first time he said “play together”. I didn’t know he knows the concept of play together.


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