Monday, 4 February 2013

Hort Park Adventure: 3rd Feb'13

Coincidentally, he turns 26 months.

Hubby and I decided not to send him to any enrichment classes for the time being. Thus, he hasn't been to any for over 3 months now. We made a silent promise to each other to bring IZ to little adventures on weekends instead. It would be more fun than classroom classes. Why silent?

We of course do not want to make a LOUD BANGING promise for something we couldn't keep up with. Most of the days, hubby would be way too lazy to bring us anywhere. And not that I need him to bring us, but it's the family bonding that I am particular about.

On Sun, we woke up early and decided to go Hort Park for our little adventure.

It is very happy and entertaining to see the expression on IZ's face throughout our adventure.

Fascinated by the kois and arowanas

Too timid to cross the bridge by himself

Gloomy day, but it was fun nonetheless

Roam freely..

Chasing after the 2 birds!

The world is his!

Father & Son - wish I had a proper camera

He was scared to move, needed to hold hands through the swing

Relaxing corner

There are more than 2 butterflies there.. camouflaged

One of the many mini gardens (in the city as you can see)

The start of the climbing up the slide

Instead of sliding down

1st Encounter with a scarecrow

Found a mini hut!

What's in there?

Taking a 5

Many taking group photo there

One of the few (prototype) glasshouses

Miss my camera

Towards butterfly garden

But it was not opened.. Open house on every last Sat of the month..

Wanted to be carried, but this group of runner in front motivated him, and cheered him to walk.. till they went out of sight.. guess what happened next?

Vending machine for fish food.. he said "I want money" - somehow I was amazed he knew we must insert money

IZ and the fishes couldn't wait for the food

Feeding the fishes

Had brunch at Queenstown market


Hort Park Operating Hours: 6am - 10pm daily

Activities: Other than fun running around enjoying the scenery, they also offer gardening workshop for kids and youth, HortDoctor to cure your diseased plants.

Our verdict: Fantastic place to enjoy flaura & fauna, taking photos, for weddings and private function.


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