Friday, 8 February 2013

Lesson E for Egg: 7th Feb'13

It has been a few days since we had lesson.

Told him we were going to learn letter E.

I was beaming happily when he could tell the feely were made of eyes. I bought some wiggle eyes from Daiso and then he took out the items E from the treasure bag.

This time, I didn't switch on the Phonics, instead, I sang on my own using the book. He paid more attention to me than the TV! I shall try again the next lesson.

Tracing the letter E
Letter E items! Yeah, that's a real egg! Unfortunately dropped on the floor by IZ, thus the crack, luckily it was a hard-boiled
 He likes Humpty Dumpty, thus he was really interested in the egg. It's his first encounter since his last incident with raw egg when we made muffins. He developed such bad allergy I didn't let him play with egg anymore then. It has been months.

Touching and feeling the egg, something he wouldn't be able to do usually as he is allergic to them

The hard-boiled fortunately will not cause such reaction

Peeling off the shell
Touching the inside

Let him taste the yolk, his first time eating hard-boiled egg yolk

Hammering the shell

More peeling

And glue onto the sheet

Mainly completed by me.. E for Egg!
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