Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Random @ 26 months

IZ drives too

He took his daddy's car key and pretended to press while pointing it to his toy car. Then he climbed onto his car and pretended to insert the key to start his engine.

Naughty Ah Ma

He was playing on his own when he ran and ran. We were about to tease him "naughty IZ" when he suddenly said "Naughty Ah Ma".. hahaha!

Added on 7th Feb'13:

New Clothes

I was not feeling well two days ago, and so I changed into long sleeves PJ. The one I wore when I was in confinement, breastfeeding IZ.

When he saw me, he ran to me and tugged my PJ and claimed "mommy new clothes".

I'm impressed! LOL!

PS: Obviously he doesn't remember anything about breastfeeding him in that.

Wet & Dry

Few days ago, I reached home a little earlier than usual. Before I closed the door behind, IZ said "I want to go out" and pointed to the door. I told him no, I just got home, and we are not going anywhere.

He insisted he wanted to go out, went to the shoe cabinet and took out his sandals. I'm not sure if he put them on himself or his Granny helped him into them.

Seeing I didn't show any sign of moving or going out per say, he went to the shoe cabinet again, and took out MY SLIPPERS and put them right at my feet. "Mommy wear", he said.

So given no choice, I agreed. He followed me happily with a ball.

When we reached downstairs, it started to rain. Thank goodness, we didn't go anywhere outdoor, the rain came just in time. So he played with his ball at the void deck.

The ball was shot out into the drain, in the rain. I went to pick, twice. Passing the ball back to him, he complained the ball is wet. He took his hanky from my hand and wanted to wipe the ball dry! Brilliant!

I told him the hanky is meant for him, we play with the ball till it gets dry up.

Later on, I pointed to the rain with him on my laps, and said "it's raining.. the rain dropped onto the floor and it becomes...?"

He replied "wet".

Then I pointed to the dry area and say but the floor over here is..?

He replied "dry".

Oh wow, he knows the concept of wet and dry!


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