Monday, 10 March 2014

Lesson P for Pig: 9th Mar'14

First of all, reminder to self: REMEMBER TO TAKE PICTURE OF THE LESSON ITEMS!

**This post is going to bore you coz I do not have a single pic of what we did last night.. bummer.. I'll try to take pics of them when I feel hardworking.. I've kept all of them away :-(**

The last home lesson, to my surprise was more than 6 months ago! Gosh! I've been lazy ya!

IZ knows all the alphabets now, and how they sound, so we have moved to spelling randomly, just for fun, whilst I use phonics. I still have difficulty trying to different the phonic sound for C and K.. Haha..

Anyway, last night I decided to be hardworking and did a randomly picked letter.. and the lucky letter was P!

We started with the Hello song, he sat cross legged and clap hands with me and sang together.

When I said we were going to learn the letter P, he made the sound of the letter (as in puffing, panting). I asked him to write on the magnetic board. And then traced the feely that I pasted with paper clips. He could tell the paper clips were used by one of his teachers, but didn't know it was called paper clips.

Then I sang the rhyme of P, together with him.. pulling.. pushing.. puffing. and panting.. we did all the actions together.

And then it was the magic bag time!

Items in the bag were: pen, pencil, penguin, peacock, policeman, police car, pink paint, pink ball, paper, panda bear, pineapple, postman, pilot, (real) potato.

At the end of the lesson, I read The Three Little Pigs and asked him to write PIG on the board.

Before we turned in for the night, I tried to test him on what's P for.. he could name at least 5 items in the bag! How wonderful!

**When I brought him to the washroom to pass urine, I told him P is for penis too, and then he repeated to his dad, P is for Penis!**

To be honest, I didn't know P stands for so many things I could get hold of, I was very happy!

He asked for Letter X the next lesson. You can see, we do not go by sequence anymore. :-)

**Pictures Added on 11th Mar'14**


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