Friday, 7 March 2014

Computer 101

Lately, he would ask to "work" on my laptop if I do work in front of him.

He would go "mommy, I want to work on the computer!"

And so I would open a new document on Microsoft Word and let him play with the keyboard.

First try
Then, when he sees I work without a mouse, he would ask "I want that one too".

"That one, can turn and turn" and showed me using his fingers how he scroll (supposedly) on a mouse.

"Oh, that's a mouse!", I offered.

Ain't he lucky to be able to do Computer 101 at the age of 3?! I touched a Mac computer when I was close to 11!

I let him figured how the keyboard works, and taught him to type his own name. Last night, I taught him "backspace" and "space bar".


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