Thursday, 13 March 2014

Parents Teachers Meeting: 13th Mar'14

Daddy and I went to IZ's school today to catch up on his development in Nursery (Term 1).

It was heartening to know from Ms Fizah that he has developed socially. Instead of mingling with only a selection of peers like he did last year, this term, he mingled with all his classmates, addressed them by their names and was very helpful.

He appeared to be the only one in the class to be able to write his own name, granted he only writes it in capital letters.

He also invited everybody (teachers included) to go to his house. No wonder he always tell me one of his classmates wants to come to our house.

Teacher also noticed he has difficulty pronouncing the sound of F. I've talked to Ms Fizah before, whether does it call for concern on his not clear pronunciation. She said at 3 yo, it doesn't call for concern. Most importantly is we try to correct him every time he does it.

He has some difficulty cutting using a pair of scissors as he goes round the paper instead. I think he has improved a lot in this, thus, I'm sure he'll be there someday.

When asked if he throws tantrum in the school, teacher said he has never showed any tantrums in the school. Lately he want to pass urine very frequently, like every 15mins. Not always urgent, sometimes, he could wait for 5 mins and then not needing to go. I wonder what's the reason behind. Is it because he was nervous? Is it because he wants to leave the class? Is it because he wants to see the outside?

Chinese teacher, Xu Laoshi feedback that IZ's Chinese improved tremendously. He began to speak mostly Chinese, although he finds difficulty in expressing some. He understands what the teacher was saying, and thus makes an effort to respond accordingly. We thanked Xu Laoshi, for her effort, as for Chinese, we dare say, it's 95% her effort that his Chinese improved so much.

He also started singing Chinese songs at home, although none of us know what he's singing, we were very encouraging.

She also emphasized that they are currently taught to recognise strokes, and words instead of writing. 

As like previous terms, IZ will flair "poorly" in terms of household items or chores. I should really reflect on this and do something about it.

All in all, we are happy with his development. Good job, IZ!

Added on 14th Mar'14:

Oh ya, I just recalled Xu Laoshi complimented that he can recognise some Chinese words too!

He would be able to group them together, in categories, he would not mix them cross-categories:

1) 爸爸 and 爷爷
2) 妹妹, 姐姐, 妈妈 and 奶奶 (see the confusion? they all have 女 at their side)
3) 弟弟 and 哥哥

So he'll never guessed 爷爷 as  奶奶 or 哥哥 as 姐姐.

Given more time, I'm sure he'll be able to recognise them accurately. Good job, IZ!


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