Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lesson X for X-Ray/Xylophone: 10th Mar'14

As he asked for letter X for this lesson, I "frantically" look for things that start with letter X, which is.. only a handful!

I resorted to check on the internet.. I found X is for: x-ray, xylophone, xenops, xiaoxaurus..

So, where do I get that item to put in the Magic Bag? No way!

I changed last night's lesson to an art & craft fun session instead.

He sang the greeting song all by himself, I couldn't contain my happiness.

To be honest, I think this letter is quite tough for him. Maybe coz less exposure, but at least he could remember we saw a xylophone alike in the Malay Heritage Centre!

Last min decision to ask him to glue the bones onto the X
as feely, when he said "nothing on the letter?"

He's getting better in pasting

Tadah! That's our X feely!

I used daddy's chest x-ray

Letter X search!

And asked him to do some colouring
"I like colouring!", he said.
Something I discovered last night

Not bad right?
If you noticed, the pants are in blue and black.
He said the blue are socks, the black are the pants.

The second worksheet

Good job!


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