Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Malay Heritage Centre

Our original intention was to visit Children Toy Museum at Kampung Glam, but it was not opened. IZ insisted that he wanted to go to museum. While we were walking back to the car, we saw the Malay Heritage Centre. Ding!!

And so we shall go to a MUSEUM.. Best part was, it was free entry for Citizen and PR, so we visited for free.

Malay Heritage Centre was originally the Sultan's palace. Which is little wonder the street is called Sultan's Gate. Now, it becomes a Malay Heritage Museum, which preserves and showcase Malay culture and heritage in Singapore, through history artefacts, multimedia display and exhibits.

And so it was IZ's first exposure to a museum. I wish I knew history better so that I could share more with IZ.

He had a lot of fun pretend play in the museum, and making noises of how he guessed the musical instruments would sound. 

For a 3 yo, I think that's good enough.

But, I still owe him a trip to a toy museum.

The compound - where the Centre's activities would be held

Leading upstairs

History of Malay in Singapore

Couldn't believe my eyes to see the will in English

Looking at the photos on the wall



Election of the 1st Singapore President

From Queen Elizabeth

The corridor in between bedrooms

Jawi Typewritter

Touchscreen book


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