Thursday, 6 March 2014

Art Lernen-Reise Continued..

Time flies, it has been an awesome 10 weeks (one term) in his new art lernen-reise with Heart Studio.

We really like it that IZ had fun in the class, as the teachers are ever so friendly and approachable. Really thankful of Teacher Shafiq (the main teacher) and Teacher Jay.

I'm not sure if he's talented in any way, but so far, we were told he could do it step by step. So I do believe most of below work was done by him, guided by teachers.

Below a re-collection of the past term. We can't wait to embark on the journey after the 2 weeks break.

Project #1: SHADOW

Trial Class

Posed with Project #1

The sketches

The art piece

Project #2: CAR

Posed with his work

The sketches

The art piece

Project #3: OCCUPATION

First "want-to`be"

The sketches

The art piece


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