Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2nd Class @ Heart Studio on 3rd Jan'14

As promised in my first post on Heart Studio, below are more photos there.

One nice thing about Heart Studio is, the kids would have a time punch card. It's like the old-fashioned type of punching in to work, you get it?

Unfortunately I didn't take a pic of him punching his card as I was rather furious that day. I was furious coz IZ's name was mispelled. When he was given the mispelled card, IZ said the card was not his. I have been very particular about how names are spelt. Come on, it's only respect no? We filled in form during registration, what's the registration fee for?

We were given a Heart Studio reusable bag to put his journal and apron home. They used marker to write IZ's name on it, and as expected it was mispelled.

Despite that, IZ had fun going to Heart Studio, Teacher Syafiq is really gentle and nice, I really admire his patience and passion towards the kiddos. I may have stranggled IZ myself. Haha!


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