Monday, 30 December 2013

Heart Studio

You probably know I have been wanting to send IZ to an art class. We started our art lernen-reise in Abrakadoodle, and ended it then too. I stopped as it was more an art & craft class and it didn't benefit IZ who was merely 2 yo. So instead of me doing the art & craft for him, I thought of getting a class that will teaches him to draw/paint, that's what he likes.

However, most of the art schools for "real art" do not take in students any younger than 4 in average. Some of them 3. So, you can imagine how my neck grew longer the last year, waited till he turned 3 before actively searching and arrange for trial, yet again.

Heart Studio is actually founded by a fellow mommy friends I know from a local forum. I've seen the work published as well as reviews from many blogger moms. However, I do know that blogger moms' trials were sponsored, so, I take it that their review would be generally positive. So I remained neutral. I checked with founder, Rena if it's suitable to send IZ in. She told me if he could take instructions, then I could.

So, after painstaking 1 year of no art lessons, and although he has never stopped drawing and scribbling at home, I arranged for the trial lesson in Heart Studio yesterday, at 9.30am.

We arrived 15 mins earlier to register. The front desk staff, May was very friendly. IZ felt right at home. The waiting area/lobby was minimal, but nicely done up with both sides of wall displaying works by students. Pardon me for no photos on that, I shall try to take some the next class.

Yup, we signed up for the class!

And I will tell you why.

The teachers are friendly. The teachers are Teacher Shafiq and Teacher J (? I can't get the spelling of his name, but it sounded like a J).

They taught them in a very systematic way. Explaining the theme SHADOWS, how shadows are made etc. I could hear IZ participated actively during the lesson. And he was very happy when he invited hubby and I into the class to look at his work.

Then, teachers explained what they did for the day, a simple de-brief.

Most importantly, IZ told us he likes the teachers and he wants to go back again. So, we signed up immediately.
(This post is not sponsored, by the way)

The reception

The bright corridor to classes

Little Dali for 3-4 yo

Waiting for lesson to start

Engrossed in the class

Interesting show and tell about shadows

A lesson I learnt though, and I thought what I did was silly.

I told IZ we were going to art trial class when we were making our way to the school. I also told him how parents are not allowed to company him. And that he is a big boy, he should be able to sit in the class, bravely. He said he is brave and he is not afraid.

And so upon arrival, when I saw him so easily interacted with the teachers and went into the class with a breeze, I slipped out of his sight silently.

God, that was the silliest mistake.

He cried not a 2 minutes after entering the class.

So I went into the class and apologised for not saying bye. And we hugged and hi-5-ed each other, then he settled down.

Phew.. important lesson learnt, Mommy!


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