Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (Pond Gardens)

We have not been to Bishan Park since they reopened. Upon googling, I found that there are 2 sectors, ie River Plains and Pond Gardens.

River Plains is the usual park we went, near Mc'Donalds.

Pond Gardens is across Marymount Road, towards Upper Thomson Road. This is where the waterplay is. If you refer to the sketched map, you would find the Carpark, just next to the water play.

As IZ is on term break from sports class, and we promised to bring him to play with water since our Bali trip, we decided to give Pond Gardens a try.

If you noticed, kids could manoeuvre sluice gates to control water flow and probably learn the value of water as they are at it. But IZ, at 3 years old, not able to appreciate any more than there's water to get wet and have fun with.

It is just next to the carpark which is very convenient

Glimpse of the water playground from the carpark

I remember feeling disappointed by the slow streaming water.. :-/

He was very happy to stay in the hole with most water, and refused to get out of it until much persuasion later.

Really slow streaming water

We then walked further up past Cleaning Biotope to the playground.

We were surprised there weren't many kids at the playground. But it didn't take us long to understand why. This playground, if anything, is meant for bigger kids. It also didn't look as fun when it's empty, isn't it?

At 3yo, IZ needed help in almost everything he wanted to play, that included climbing up to slide. :-/

It was not difficult to ask him to call it a day, he said yes willingly.

Perhaps, one day, when he is a little grown up, and needs adventurous activities as these, we'll probably come again.


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