Monday, 16 December 2013

Music & Me

A brief summary on my past "musical" journey:

I don't remember when I started piano lessons when I was little, but I always felt I do not have what it takes. Not musically inclined.

But I love how a piano sound, very much. It made me feel at peace.

I started learning piano in a music centre. Still remember I had to go there for pratice before my parents bought me a piano. I'm not sure if I played really badly or the music centre really "eat money" as my mom called them, eventually my mom switched me to a private teacher who teaches from home, citing I was stagnant in a grade for a tad too long.

Switching me to private teacher, I jumped a grade. And I stopped learning when I was in Form 6 after I passed my Grade 6 practical with Merit. My teacher thought it was a waste but I thought STPM was much more important.

And so, I stopped learning piano there.. Although ocassionally I still play, playing a musical instrument is very therapeutic, happy, unhappy, sad.. etc..

But my musical journey didn't stop.

Few years into workforce, I signed up for guzheng class in community club here in Singapore. I couldn't catch up as I was too used to invidivual music lessons, I felt left out, couldn't catch up and gave up after a few lessons.

Why guzheng?

I have no absolute answer, except guzheng is the next instrument I love after piano.

Recent 2 years, I had the itch to take up music lessons again. There was no suitable guzheng lessons near my area, and we do not have the space to get a piano yet.

Finally, in Oct, I found a new guzheng class starting at the community club near our place, and so I registered. I've attended the 5th lesson on Saturday. Oh god, I finally realised teacher plays such an important role. This teacher teaches us from very basic, history of guzheng, the structure, playing with 1 finger, progressed to 2.. and now I can play simple notes.

Hmmm.. the musical talent didn't improve much, but I'm trying hard. I rented a guzheng as I know learning musical instrument without practising is as good as dumping water in the sea. But I dare not invest in a brand new one although hubby told me he would buy one for me. I really do not wish to get a white elephant.

The irony is, I'm practising everyday now, without the nagging of my mom. She used to nag at me everyday for not practising my piano.

I miss my piano... but I enjoy learning guzheng now too.

P/S: the best part of my practice, IZ would not disturb me when I told him I need to practise. He is very supportive too!


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