Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Revolution.... Resolution...

When my sis went into university (in the 80s), she had to queue at the public phone to make calls home.

When I went into university (in late 90s), my mom gave her Motorola flip phone. One day, SMS (Short Messaging Services) just "happened". I received message from Digi (the telco provider) that I was entitled to free SMS service. It just bloomed, I tell you.

Then 3G technology "happened" early 2000s.

I hung on to my old technology.

A decade later, when everyone's busy using Whatsapp or LINE to chat with each other, I was still "contactless" in 3G world.

I then bought an iPad for my hubby. Through that, I installed LINE so that I wouldn't feel left out. I did not want to inconvenient my friends by texting me separately while they chat on LINE or leave me a message on Facebook for that matter.

Group chat on these apps is both an angel as well as a devil. I do not know which one more.

In 2011, I finally decided to "invest" in a 3G tool. I finally bought my first 3G phone, Sony Xperia S. I love the white and the curve. And so I happily installed Whatsapp, LINE and informed my friends that I was in touch!

Then I was obssessed....

Gone were the days I had to use my compact camera to take photos and then upload onto my Facebook manually. I could just snap and post immediately, something others have been doing for very long.

When food is served, "wait! let me take a picture first!"
When I experience something nice, I took out my phone to share my feeling.

I lived my life in the cyber space.

I couldn't understand how some friends do not own a Facebook account!

That doesn't mean I didn't treasure life. I do, but I also think photos are mementos, I like looking at my old photos to reminisce old times, good old times.

Lately, I feel tired.. I do not go into Facebook as often, and I resort to Instagram to post some of the pics.

My life may go unwitnessed.. but I feel tired.

I'm tired of all the mixed feelings I have when I log on Facebook. I could have done better, by remaining non-judgemental, and feeling sincere, but I couldn't do it.

I wonder if it's just me, or has Facebook became a tool of competition?

My resolution... I'm withdrawing slowly from the cyber space.. but will definitely not stop writing.. (or blogging!)


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