Monday, 16 December 2013

Last weekend, we...

At AMK Hub for bubbly, snowy Christmassy feeling
But he wanted to drive instead.. and knocked the hell out of me until the father took over the guidance.. seriously sweat like crazy when he was on the wheel!

Supermarketing thenafter, look at the boy, still driving happily

While he was playing cooking.. he suddenly said "look! clock!"

On the way to water play at Bishan-AMK Park.. listening to the Cinderella story..

Happy boy playing water

the deepest water you could find at the park.. we shall go to a pool next weekend!

As he didn't get the oohm to play in deep water, we simulated with our little bath tub..

And then it was block time! let the creativity flow!

My first ever creation!

And this too! Although it didn't look symmetrical

And his creation, grandfather's clock

I made new batch of DIY Playdough over the weekend too! More colours this time, he was so happY!

He made pizza!

My work!

And then he said he made a "snake"! and that the snake lives in a hole (see the small green patch?)

And we ended the weekend with yummylicious Magnum Mini!

And LOTS of reading in between, his favorite past time these days!


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