Tuesday, 31 December 2013

IZ's 3rd Birthday Party

In my post last month, we were preparing for his 3rd birthday celebration.

Humpty Dumpty was the theme, not many party items related to Humpty Dumpty in the shops, but I made do with some "innovations".

He was very excited to help the dad pump up the balloons

They look like happy Humpty, don't they?

Little goodie bag for friends

DIY King's Crown - frankly speaking, also because IZ looks better with a hat/cap/something on his head.. haha!

The pleasant surprise, he was really surprised and happy to see his favorite

Trying to poke to see if it is for real - he said the Humpty should be facing him instead

Happy birthday boy with his friends

Singing the birthday song - why so many candles? So his friends could blow together too!

I thought he wouldn't want to "destroy" his Humpty, but apparently he didn't hesitate to give it a huge BITE

Cake from: Charlotte Grace


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