Friday, 8 November 2013

In preparation for his birthday...

As we embraced the arrival of November, I was very excited. The last 2 months of the year have always been my favorite. They are months of CELEBRATION as there will be birthday parties, Christmas party to attend.

In less than a month, IZ will turn 3. Just like last year, we'll be having a mini party at home, inviting only closest friends of both him and I. I've just ordered his birthday cake. The theme this year would be Humpty Dumpty. The happy thing is, he's no longer allergic to eggs, so this year, I have plenty of choices!

This would be my first attempt to fix a theme for his birthday.

For the past 2 birthdays, as I personally did not think he was aware of themes, we chose blue colour for his 1st birthday, and clock for his 2nd - the so-called theme applicable to only the cake! Hahaha!

Chocholate chip walnut cake from Coffeebean

Celebrated 1st birthday in With A Pinch Of Salt

Eggless clock cake from Delcie and Cupcakes from Sweetest Moments

Celebrating with friends at home
I'm looking forward to his happy face when he sees the Humpty Dumpty cake.


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