Wednesday, 27 November 2013

1 week to 3yo..

I bought this set from Jann phonics for some time.. Hmm before he was even 2yo.

This is the 3rd attempt. 

First 2 attempts were disasters although he knew all the alphabets then. He was not interested in making up the words. And made a mess out of the alphabets. I concluded that he was not ready.

Last night I tried my luck again, taking it out with the stack of storybooks I intended to read. He saw and asked to do it after our reading.

I have to say I was impressed. While I may not remember how to do phonics correctly, at least I was able to read the phonics and he managed to find the letters. He didn't mess with the letters and he asked to complete the whole piece!

And tadah!

He did his first sheet today! 

Searching for the letter

Putting the letter onto the board

Spell it out loud

Good start to spelling!


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