Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The start of the long holiday...

The dreaded almost 2 months school holiday is here!

As faced by many parents, IZ wakes up as early as 7am these days since the holiday has started. Just do not understand how their brain is wired, we had to dig him out of bed if it was a school day, but he was on automatic biological clock when it isn't.

This morning, he wanted to do crayons. He asked for white crayon and told me "egg is white". But he didn't get any trace on the white paper. Then he came to me and asked me for black paper. I told him I do not have black, I have brown. He took the brown paper, and immediately sat on the floor to try with his white crayon. Satisfied that the white crayon was then visible on the paper did he nod and smiled and went back to the desk.

Busy scribbling

I tried asking what he wanted to write, but he didn't want to answer me - this is the first time he included some alphabets in his drawing

We attended a party on weekend. The mother provided the kiddos with playdough set. IZ sat there for some time playing playdough.

He then asks for playdough every night and could spend a good 2.5 hours for the past 2 nights.

If you notice, he only has dark blue colour playdough. I DIY-ed the playdough some time ago, and they are in good conditions although he has been playing with it rather often. I'm too lazy to make other colours though the recipe is simple. And I really dread IZ mixing all the colours together just like what he has done to the good expensive playdoh. The playdohs get dry and crack easily after time too.

If you are looking at making your own, please note that you can modify the recipe a little by adding colorant when you are done cooking. I dumped the blue colorant just according to the recipe and got it too dark for my liking, but thankfully IZ was not disturbed by the ugly colour at all.

What's best.. they are edible **wink**

He was painting "monster"

Flower for me - using my trophy

Sand time!


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