Thursday, 28 November 2013

Writing progress..

Well, this is not guided by me, but our helper. They have nothing much to do since it's holiday season, but to play and play. She likes to teach him stuffs. I'm really grateful for that, although I have to keep reminding her not to drill IZ, just let him be if he doesn't feel like doing any of the activities she wants to do with him.

I know, I'm indeed very blessed for having this helper. She's not just our domestic helper, she's a tutor to IZ, a friend to me, my saviour for the past 3 years. I wouldn't be able to work and travel at ease without her in our family.

IZ regards her as family too.

So, here it is, yesterday's writing progress. She's trying to correct his G, S and C.

He's still writing mirror image of G, S and C. Sometimes, I wonder if he is dyslexic. But he has no problem with relating phonic sounds and the letter sounds, and reading out the letters loudly. He only has some difficulty writing the 3 letters above.

He can recognise his own names now (can cite and can spell out as well as write his first name), being able to distinguish clearly, the correct spelling of his name ISSAC, compared to ISAAC. (I was very proud when he could do that)

I believe we have to monitor further if he needs some sort of intervention.. or probably just more time is needed. I shall remember not to rush him...

Can you believe this is done by a 3yo? :-)
PS: Another thing that triggered my concern is if you ask IZ "how old are you", he'll reply "I'm fine, thank you". As if you asked him "how are you?". Sometimes vice versa "how are you?" he'll reply "I'm 3!".

Readings on dyslexia:


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