Thursday, 26 December 2013

Potty training @ 3yo

If you remember I blogged about his potty training progress..

- diaperless in the day at 32months+ after 7 days of training
- diaperless during day nap at 34months after staying dry for the whole week

And then, he turned 3 years old this month, and I was still waiting for his cue to go diaperless at night. Waited and waited.. no sign of readiness.

Incidentally, we ran out of usual diaper last Thurs (left only 3 pcs of pull-ups). And we would not get our supply till 4 days later. I really didn't feel like buying a packet of diaper there and then. So we put on the pull-up for Thurs night. It leaked! :-( It was not working.

I started to panic, and forced myself to think of letting him go without diaper at night. Although it may mean wet bed and all, but we bought mattress protector, so it is not big deal, really.

I read online for ways to train them at night. Some of the articles say as long as they stay dry during the day, we can start to train them for the night! Took that as a cue, I looked for training pants. My friend helped to check at Mothercare, but I thought it was costly, and I was not sure if it was on discount.

So, I checked out at Isetan and bought 2 pcs of plain training pants at $7.20 (before 20% discount) each. And I used our Isetan voucher for them, so it was free! It felt like our mattress protector, the lining, that is.

IZ was very receptive when I explained to him (of coz I didn't tell him we ran out of diaper!). I told him he's a big boy now and that he should try sleeping without diaper but the training pants. He asked "new underwear?"

20th Dec'13 (1st night):
He chose blue colour, and he peed before he slept. We woke him up at 1+ to pass urine, and he co-operated. And then once more at 4+ and he refused, he said he didn't have urine.

21st Dec'13 (2nd night):
I let him pee before he slept. Hubby woke him up past midnight to pass urine, and once more at 4+ coz he asked for milk in between.

22nd Dec'13 (3rd night):
He asked me to change his underwear (means asked me to change to training pants). Peed before he slept, woke him once at 1am and then slept through till 6+ when I woke up and my hubby questioned me "you mean you didn't wake up at 4+? I thought you said we take turn to wake up?". He didn't pee in the pants! Another dry night! Yippie!

24th Dec'13 (5th night):
Both hubby and I were just too tired to wake up I guess. We were woken by "wet wet wet!" to discover he was wet from shirt to pants. How much pee can the training pants contain? I couldn't tell how many times he peed, really. But he wet the bed thrice that night.

25th Dec'13 (6th night):
Coz I reached home late, hubby told me IZ had diaper on to sleep. He didn't think I could wake up to "mind urine". Although I was not happy, but I knew I was really too tired.
At 5.15am, IZ woke up crying "mommy, i want to urine!" - yippie! good sign!
But I still wet his pants anyway, coz his penis was curled and the urine flew out of potty.. anyway, it was a good sign!

Till next update! ;-)

Added on 27th Dec'13:

26th Dec'13 (7th night):
I woke up at 5+am and found him dry. I asked hubby if he woke IZ up to pass urine, he said yes. So I continued sleeping, to be woken by him crying at 6.40am (just a mere 5 mins from my alarm!) and he was all wet, yes, again. I find training pants seriously useless.. probably not for night use? But I believe it was only one round of urine, and it was drenched, not to mention IZ's shirt too.
I was puzzled.. our calculation should be right. If he passed urine before 5am, he shouldn't be peeing after 5am. Only to find out later, hubby made milk for him before 5am.. Zzzz.. Morale of the story is, there should be only one "minding the urine and milk", but I really couldn't do it, I was darn tired.
We'll have a little talk with IZ tonight and see if we should put on diaper and wake up to pass urine instead.
I'm positive this will work even better! :-D

Added on 3rd Jan'14:

1st Jan'14: 13th night
He insisted the diaper made him painful and he didn't want to wear diaper to sleep but training pants. No accident as he could wake up and hubby woke him up in-between sleep.

2nd Jan'14: 14th night
Another night with only training pants. It was my shift. When I felt him shifting in his sleep, I asked if he wanted to pass urine. And so we remained dry too. ;-)

Added on 6th Jan'14:

3rd Jan'14: 15th night
He woke up once to tell me he wanted to pee. Diaper was dry in the morning.

4th Jan'14: 15th night
He woke up with dry diaper - didn't wake up at all.

5th Jan'14: 16th night
He woke up twice on his own to pee. Yippie! I think we have reached the milestone!! So proud of him!


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