Thursday, 29 August 2013

Potty training @ 32 months ++

Update on potty training at home:

He's been doing very well. From the need to ask him if he needs to urine, to now, he'd say I need to urine! and ran urgently to the bathroom. He's still struggling to take off his pants and underwear before facing the urinal, I think he's doing extremely well with no accidents.. and thenafter he would ask for stickers!

Update on diaper-less school days:

1st day (21 Aug): no accident at all
2nd day (23 Aug): he peed in his pants while helper trying to take off his jacket at the school compound after school
3rd day (26 Aug): he said he needed to urine but was a little too late, they were nowhere near a toilet
4th day (27 Aug): he said he needed to urine but was a little too late, peed in the lift at our block
5th day (28 Aug): he passed urine before he left for home, so, it was accident free!
6th day (which is today, 29 Aug): he wet his pants in the school, and wet his pants again on the way home.. boo hoo!

I'm still proud of him, as he didn't reject the idea of going diaper-less to school. Hope this phase will pass soon.. and then we can start being diapler-less at naps! :-D :-D

Updated on 6th Sep'13:
6th day (29 Aug): brought him to jog in the field, he told me he needed to urine when we were on the way to the playground (after jog). I had nothing with me, so I had to let him pass urine by the road, near a tree. I read a lot of horror stories of how people who pass urine to a tree may "disturb" some spirits, I said "excuse me, excuse me", while he peed. That night, he said "excuse me, excuse me" when he peed in the toilet! WAHAHAHAH!

7th day (30 Aug): The beginning of a good progress :-) :-)
Morning: We brought him to KKH for his lazy eyes check-up. (I may blog about the medical appointment in another post, IF I get to it). Suddenly he told us, he needed to urine. He had his diaper on! But he asked to urine! YEAY! Hubby quickly brought him to pass urine in the toilet. I couldn't be happier.. In fact, really proud and amazed...

Evening: I brought him to BBQ with my friends, when he suddenly said "I want to urine". Wow.. again, I was so proud of him, coz he HAD his diaper on! I think that's the best thing that's happening!

Few days passed, he has no more accidents in school nor home nor on the way home. That's a great start to the daytime potty training..

Up next, we'll try potty training while in day naps.. or maybe night sleep.. let's see how it goes.. I do have a feeling he'll be potty trained before he turns 3.. :-)

Updated on 16th Sep'13 (33 months+):

Subsequently from the above chain of events, we managed to stay dry in the day, except during naptime, he would wear a diaper. So I would say it took him 7 days to be fully trained while he's awake.

We took a long journey bus to KL last week, and he managed to keep the diaper (put on in case I couldn't bring him to toilet during the journey) dry throughout too, although he napped for about 3 hours. I'm really very proud of his progress.

Some says it's better to train them one shot, ie. day and night time. But I prefer to take things slowly, as the last thing I want is him regressing, or him detest diaperless etc.

So now, we are happy as it is, that he could ask to pass urine when he's awake. No accidents anymore.

He's showing some progress during daytime nap too. He hasn't wet his diaper for the last few days, but we still put on diaper for him, of course. :-)

I'll wait for his cue for next step.


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