Wednesday, 7 August 2013

IZ says.. at 32 months


He likes us reading to him these days. He would choose books from his bookshelf and asked us to read. 

His favorite would be books on eggs or Humpty Dumpty. He would ask to repeat the story again and again. 

When asked "again?" he said "not again.. ONE MORE TIME" 

How can you say NO? :-D 


We brought him to the beach today, and I was making something out of the sand mould. 

 He demolished it  and said "I make my own". 

 To think this came from my boy. He is growing up fast and furious. 


He took the Spider-Man toy and said to his dad "Let's fight.. Spider-Man fighting you" 

And he was all prepared to fight... 

Dad: why would Spider-Man fight with me? I'm a good man.. 

Iz: good man? ... 

Dad: ya, Spider-Man is my friend, I'm a good man! 

Iz: your friend? @-@ 

Hahahahaha! What a bummer..


Hubby and I were talking about pilots, basically their responsibilities, and of course, how much they are earning etc.. And then I turned to IZ:

Me: Do you want to be a pilot, IZ?

IZ: no!

Me: What do you want to be then?

IZ: IZ!!

To be honest, we couldn't be happier. How many times have we been asked the same question and we answered something else but not ourselves. We cheered at his answer and he was amused.

It was a simple answer, yet we always complicate it, we always wanting to be something else...

Added on 12th Aug'13


Hubby and I noticed IZ likes to reply our answers with a question marks. Yesterday, while I was putting him to sleep, he went to my therapy set-up and chose to bring Princess to nap with him. Then he started asking...

IZ: where's the leg?
Me: covered by the dress
IZ: can open?

Few minutes later..

IZ: why is this white colour?
Me: that's the linen of her dress
IZ: linen
(and I was thinking hard if I gave him a correct answer.. apparently, it's called lining!)

Few minutes later..

IZ: why is the hand blue colour?
Me: that's the gloves my dear..
IZ: gloves?

Before more questions were asked, I put the princess in sleeping position and told him he should sleep like the princess too.. and Zzzzzz he went... 


Hubby brought IZ to poop in the toilet, and he dashed out to me later.. "MOMMY!!" he called and giggled and came to me..

Then he went "Daddy and Mommy!!!!" and giggled...

I asked "yes darling, why are you so happy?"

He replied "Yes, I'm happy! Coz we are family!"

Unknowingly, his reply made me smile.. I seldom told him about family being who and who.. and who and who consist of family.. but I was really glad and proud that he could put us up and say family.

And then when we were in the lift going to school today, he pulled my hand and his dad's hand and put them together, smiling...


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