Thursday, 29 August 2013

Music Trial in Seimpi @Hougang

Although I do not encourage competitiveness in enrichment, I do think our children should be exposed to various activities when they are young, and see if they have passion and interest in it.

I have been waiting impatiently to let IZ goes to multi-sports and art class - in my various posts.

To cut story short, there was new slot for weekend class in Seimpi for music. Then, I got a slot for trial for multi-sports! How lucky!

We went for music trial on Sunday. It was not our first experience with Seimpi, I've brought IZ to their classes when he was 1 year plus. I stopped then when he couldn't sit still and just kept playing with the keyboards in the room. And he didn't want to pay attention to the teacher unless if she sang new song. Then, he could mimick teacher's actions although his back was facing the teacher. So, I pulled out.

This time, I'm still a little bias, coz I would love it if he could learn music, so that I have a reason to buy piano at home?! Hahaha!

Anyway, there was only 1 permanent studen in the class, with 2 children (including IZ) attending trial. While I still believe in Seimpi's method of teaching, I strongly believe the kids will have strong foundation in music, I found the teacher not as interesting. Well, just say IZ could action Humpty Dumpty better and more interestingly than her.

IZ remembers what was taught in the class, but I'm hesitant. I can't foresee IZ paying attention to this lady teacher after say, 3 lessons? or 2 maybe.. **shrug**..

So I asked the front desk staff if they had other weekend classes for the same age group (3-4 yo), he said there was one, but it's on Sat 3-4pm. That shucks.. coz that's IZ's naptime. I'm not willing to risk a cranky child to the music class. The plus point is, it'll be taught by a male teacher who appeared on papers before.

Anyway, I guess it just not meant to be.

This coming Sunday, while I'll be away, hubby will bring IZ to multi-sport class in Ready Steady Go Kids in AMK branch. They were very responsive when I enquire, and the trial will be FOC, the timing is about right, 11.30am-12.15pm. So, why not? We shall see if he likes it...

He has been telling me that he likes sports! I just hope the class would be interesting. :-)


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