Monday, 9 September 2013

Ready Steady Go Kids @AMK

As mentioned in my previous post, hubby brought IZ for a free trial with Ready Steady Go Kids at AMK. He told me (while I was enjoying myself at Melbourne) that IZ enjoyed himself, and he completed obstacle course, as well as learnt rugby. So we discussed and decided to sign on for a term.

And so I went with them yesterday.

I like the way the school replies to my mail, promptly. At times, they will also send sms to tell me they have sent an email. Also the flexibility of maximum 2 make-up class a term, excluding MC and exceptional cases.

It was really interesting how the class intructors led them on warming up and then introducing T-ball to them. There was another kid in the class, just like last Sunday. But we were told that this class will merge with earlier slot from Term 4 onwards.

I saw IZ enjoyed himself, and saw how his gross motor skills are actually not so good. Haha!

I really had fun watching him in the class. We shall see what comes out of it in the end. Hopefully, good sportsmanship. If you ask IZ now, what he would do if his friend falls down, he would tell you "help".. and ask "are you ok?" :-)

PS: In Term 4, IZ will be able to learn football, basketball, golf, cricket and athletics!


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