Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Chinese anyone?

I was talking to a friend about my concern over IZ's non-existent Chinese speaking. And so I thought I should at least try to speak some with him at home, while I figure what I'm gonna do in the near future.

And so I tried speaking Chinese to him when we went for a jog 2 days ago. He was completely immersed in Chinese MODE:

We bumped into an uncle:

Uncle: what a good start!
Me: call uncle
IZ: Uncle, Ni hao!!

(Whoa! My son speaks Chinese!)

Thought it was a good chance to speak more Chinese with him..

Bla bla bla BLA BLA BLA

Me: (in Chinese of coz) and now we are going to.. (Thinking hard what is playground in Chinese..)

IZ: (waited patiently)

Me: (still in Chinese) and now we are going to.. Hmmmm..

IZ: you le chang!

WHOA! Do I still try? 


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