Thursday, 15 August 2013

Self-feeding headache..

I'm writing this post while I'm fuming actually.

I do not really know what age is appropriate for kids to learn how to self-feed as I do not want to stress myself of the milestone I'll find at the click of a SEARCH button, but I do really think at 32 months going 33 months, IZ ought to know how to self-feed. When I say self-feed, it reads, eating meals out of spoon and fork and stuff the spoonful of rice into his mouth and swallow, and so till the food disappear from the bowl/plate.

It's not that he could not self-feed for survival, but if it's up to him, he would never feed himself, except to finger foods, read food that you could eat using your fingers. Our helper has pampered him since young, feeding him every single meal. And now, to get him to self-feed, the food would get cold before he even get to reach for the spoon. Or there would be incidents before he could even feed himself, coz he would be busy playing with either the food or the utensils.

So, why do I hurry him to learn how to self-feed?

First of all, it would be great, if there's extra pair of hands to eat my own food, and not busy trying to feed or make him feed himself.

Secondly, I really think his motor skills are not very good in feeding, or aiming per say. I want him to practise on his motor skills so that he could eat by himself, write better etc.

Now I sound like hurrying him to grow, I'm not comparing him with milestones, I just want him to eat normally.... desperately..

And it's not helping when the elderly at home interfering me teaching my son!

Now, I shall breathe in and out.. and figure what I can do to start all over again..

Perhaps, I can shop for new bowl, utensils and all for the start!


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