Monday, 19 August 2013

Activities on 18th Aug'13

He woke up very early yesterday, was playing coins and coin banks by himself. So I brought out my treasure bag. He excitedly exclaimed "learn alphabet!".

And so we did i, j and k. As you can see, I was not prepared for the j. I've not gotten what's for the feely letter!
Glue & Paste the kettle

Not bad right? :-)

Glue & Paste activity from Kumon workbook - it's getting more challenging!
And then he asked to do colouring, so I passed to him the Kumon workbook we've not touched for very long. The objective is to fill the white circle with the colour that blends with the area, so that the panda looks like the one in the example on top right corner.

Daddy: the panda is black and white

IZ looked not convinced, but he coloured black for a while.. then changed his mind.

IZ: but I want blue panda...


"and orange!"
Then IZ says, "see, it's beautiful!"


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