Sunday, 12 January 2014

To be able to give..

I shall skip how I get this opportunity as it is irrelevant anyway.

It was my first time volunteering on personal basis.

We were distributing rations to families in 1-room flat (shall not name the place).

I felt great although I did not know anyone there. Objective was to help the needy families.

Human chain formed at void deck to pass rations from the van. In partners we went to distribute the rations to each floor written on the piece of paper.

Our group did 2 blocks in total.

I had rather mixed feelings for the families..

While most of the elderly were really appreciative, warm and even offered us a drink, there are families that are far from that.

I know charity is not about appreciation, it's about giving, couldn't help but thinking some other more needy families would do better with the help instead.

One home was answered by a man on the phone. He obviously didn't even acknowledge us, opened the door, took our bag and closed the door again, all this while he was on the freaking phone.

One home questioned us before she even opened the door, if our bag have red packet inside. It was obvious she was not really interested in the food, but cash. It annoyed me seriously but we had to just smile and told her we were not sure.

Some of the families are young families, it's yet another reminder on how lucky we are in our daily life.

I'm counting my blessing again, thank God for being so kind to us. May I be enlightened to do more good deeds in the future and may those really in need of help gets help. 


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